How to build a brand on Instagram

instagram business branding

When it comes to building brands on Instagram there are two types. They are; your personal and business brand.
I’ve worked with countless clients in building both types. But each has its niche-specific pros and cons. In general, a business brand is considerably harder to build than a personal brand because one is taking value and the other is giving value.
A business brand is actively trying to sell a product. So, it must be very careful in their photo selection to ensure that they are following a principle of giving value in the form of aesthetic pictures, and a 20 in the form of posting promotional content.
A personal brand is all about giving. It’s all about growing your account and focusing on the money later.

Many of the small businesses I have worked with failed to recognize the value in growing their account first and well fair enough to them expect sales from day one. If you are trying to bombard your 400 followers with bad fragmented pictures expect no sales.
On the contrary, doing the opposite actually works a lot better, where you just treat your page like a community page that just happens to have many well-shot pictures of your products.
For this exact reason businesses often rely on influencers to sell their products

Influences and community pages such as these spend almost 99% of their time growing their page without promotions until they reach a sizeable amount of followers. They don’t alien their audiences until they manage to achieve something. Most businesses can’t and hence stay in business for the long run. Funnily enough, the largest of these accounts are actually losing a lot of credibilities because everything she posts can now just be assumed to be a paid ad. But not like it matters to them anyway.

As a growing small business, I cannot stress how important it is to grow your page correctly.
Use your Instagram page to showcase the best quality pictures of your products, most of which probably couldn’t even fit into your web design.

Do not focus on trying to bring in sales from Instagram. It is not a sales channel. Professional influences on Instagram are sales channels. Use our page as a supplement to your website that showcases pictures to everyone.
Have a general idea of how to grow your brand it’s all in the photos. The best influences have astoundingly good quality photos that pass a message without even seeing their follow accounts.

To make people engage with your photos, watch this.

Focus on additional channels such as YouTube or Twitter too in differentiating yourself.
If you travel a lot, start blogging. If you are into fitness, start a fitness channel.
I know these niches sound oversaturated and they are on Instagram at least, but, definitely not on YouTube. Transfer your discussion in a video there.


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