How to exchange gift card to Naira

exchange gift card to Naira

Have you been wondering how you can exchange your gift card to naira without issues? This article is for you. Before you get started, I like to use this opportunity to thank everyone that has been following my other posts. I know quite well that you want a method that works, that is the reason I spend time in writing. I make researches to ensure that whatever I share is perfectly okay.
I don’t want you to come back complaining of how you ended up with nothing.
I want everyone reading to be happy always and also look into other posts that might be of interest.

Now let me go straight to the main reason you are here. I know you want to sell your cards for naira since you have known why gift cards are acceptable than money. Relax. It is necessary you do that. If you rush the process, you may make a mistake. I know you don’t want that to happen.
Most sites out there have failed you in so many ways. You don’t want that to happen while trying this method. You want to be successful, so that you can bring more gift cards for them to buy.

Let me rush over to the process. No need to wait.

First, you have to visit https://naremo.com gift card to naira website and signup. Every step you need to start is there. I will just post them here so that you can still read them.
Once you finish signing up, add your bank account details. Make sure it is correct. You can change it or add more than one bank account.
Click on the sell gift card menu and select the type you want to change for naira. You will see the equivalent there. That is, how much you will receive.
Upload the card. You can snap it and send or make a screenshot of it and upload it on their website.
Once you finish, wait for them to check it and then pay you in the account details you submitted.

Have you seen it? It is easy. Anyone can exchange their gift card for naira without any kind of hassle.
You can perform the entire process using your mobile phone.
For now, you don’t need to download any app to perform transactions with them. You can just use your normal internet browser.

trade gift cards in nigeria

There is no kind of limitation on how much you can sell there. You can enter your desired amount on your account dashboard, while they calculate how much you will be paid.
So, go ahead and start trading your gift cards for naira in Nigeria on their website.


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