Social media gaming and facts around it

social media gaming

Social media has transformed into a great gaming portal for both the diehard gamer, streamer, and the game enthusiast. Although not the bread and butter of these platforms, they can bake such a widely used gaming platform on the social media platform simply because of the sheer amount of members.

Everyone needs a social (media) presence and that includes gamers.

Is social media gaming serious gaming?

No. Social media gaming is casual gaming. The games to play on Facebook are all web-based. Regardless of the sophistication built into them, they don’t have lifelike effects. They revolve around click-based (no keyboards or controllers) and turn-based gameplay.

They’re a great way to stay connected with your friends while building your brand besides chatting and scrolling through the news feed, consuming endless media content.

It is the proper way of entertainment, but not a proper way of serious gaming.

What are some great games to play on Facebook?

Popular games you can play on Facebook include.

  1. Candy Crush Saga: Candy Crush Saga remains to be one of the most played games. It’s a puzzle game where you match and swap different types of candies on a sort of a board to complete the puzzle. Power-ups and cute-looking explosions make the game much more enjoyable.
  2. Criminal Case: This game tickles the mystery-loving part of your brain. Add hidden objects, detectives, playing with friends, and investigations. This is a commendable murder-solving game that requires a fair deal of wit.
  3. FarmVille: Simulation games are loved by a great many people. FarmVille has been capitalizing on that since as far back as 2009. Managing your farmland, plowing, planting, growing, harvesting, raising livestock, and so on – the agriculture simulation game gathered quite a lot of audience. There’s also a FarmVille 2.

Other amazing games include Dragon City, Zynga Poker, Trivia Check, and 8 Ball Pool.

Streaming games on Facebook

Facebook has become quite a popular platform for streaming gameplay. Live streaming was already a thing on the platform when Facebook realized that more and more people are using the feature to stream their games.

Because a large number of gamers (and a large number of literally anything) are on Facebook, they like games that reward them with a loyal following and advocacy. As time goes, Facebook launched Facebook Gaming – a specific portal within the platform that caters to gamers looking for games, matches, and entire esports tournaments to watch.

Although not nearly as popular as Twitch, Facebook Gaming is nevertheless an ever-inflating portal that churns out some great gaming content.

facebook games

Many amazing gamers are already making their name well-known on Facebook Gaming. Companies are hosting tournaments on the platform. Fans are supporting their favorite teams on the official team pages who often live-stream plays. All in all, Facebook Gaming has become a tight, snug ecosystem for all types of gamers.

Streaming games on Facebook is pretty easy. If you’re not looking for games to play on Facebook or social media games in general, then you might be looking for an easy way to display your gaming skills or streaming talent – and Facebook’s streaming platform might just be the right thing for you.


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